7.25″ London Underground C-Stock

7.25” Gauge London Underground “C Stock” Sub surface model. This model was built to works drawings by a very talented young model engineer who in fact works for the London Underground. The unit has been running successfully at number of tracks since completion in July 2015. Each car is 2m in length so will therefore fit into a Standard Wheelbase Transit or similar sized van/trailer. The power car uses a 24V iDrive system on two 12V 70Ah Leisure batteries. A secondary 12V 70Ah battery is fitted to drive the air compressor giving the 2 out of 3 units fully fitted, fail-safe, air brakes. These brakes are particularly effective. The same battery also powers the internal head and tail lights. The power car has 4 axle hung 250W motors and holds all the batteries. The heavy duty bogies are fitted with are double row roller bearings and sprung axle boxes with narrow gauge profile wheels have resulted in a smooth and highly stable ride. The car bodies are made from CNC water jet cut 1mm brake pressed steel bolted to an all steel chassis. The roof is made from laminated plywood reinforced with ribs to accommodate passenger haulage. A real showstopping feature are the internal lights which illuminate the saloon environment at night time with but the flick of a switch. Sale includes full wiring schematics and box of spare parts. Parts included are wheels, a bogie frame, some relays, spare lights, extra lengths of wire and crimps. Price £9000.00

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The C Stock, consisting of C69 and C77 stock, was a class of rolling stock used on London Underground‘s Circle, Hammersmith & City and District line between 28 September 1970 and 29 June 2014. The class was maintained at Hammersmith Depot. The fleet’s lifespan was just under 44 years.

[Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Underground_C69_and_C77_Stock]


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