7.25″ BR 20T Brake Van

A very decent model of the ubiquitous BR 20T Brake van in 7.25″ gauge. Originally build by J. Nemeth Engineering, the chassis is durable and high quality with decent cast axleboxes and machined sprung buffers. Hooks with 3-link chains fitted. The body work is fairly well detailed and nicely finished in the correct Bauxite (Brown) livery. Lamp irons, duckets, footsteps, handrails and decals all present. At some point in its easy working life as a model, (running about once a year for the last 10 years) the outer end base boards have been replaced with MDF (a material good for nothing other than cheap indoor furniture) rather than plywood. As a result the MDF is starting to delaminate on the corners. A simple job to remedy for anybody competent with a woodsaw and a tape measure.




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