7 1/4″ LSWR Adams Radial Tank


What’s better than one elegant victorian 4-4-2? Two of them! Another extremely pretty example of the LSWR Adams ‘Radial Tank’ locomotive in 7 1/4″ gauge built to the Dick Stockings design. This time in the original LSWR  Green lined out in black & white as worn by the Bluebell Railway’s sole surviving example of the Class, No.488

The model was professionally built back in 2008 and has been a reliable performer since. It is fitted with vacuum brakes which makes it particularly suited to club running. Again, these models are very manageable because of their power in relation to their size.

Somewhat more detailed than our last radial tank but with a little used patina having been around for a few more years but better than you would expect from a useable working engine.

Past paperwork and current boiler certificate provided.

Mechanical lubrication
Silver soldered Copper Boiler.
A very smartly built riding truck with water tank and lever handbrake.
Twin injectors fed from rear, Vacuum brake ejector and valve.

Loco Weight approx. 180kg
Loco Length approx. 57inches


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The LSWR 415 class is a steam tank locomotive of 4-4-2T wheel arrangement, with the trailing wheels forming the basis of its “Radial Tank” moniker. It was designed by William Adams and introduced in 1882 for service on the London and South Western Railway (LSWR). Originally rostered for suburban traffic, the class was soon displaced to the countryside by Dugald Drummond‘s M7 class. Most of the class was scrapped around the end of the First World War, and further decreases meant that all of them were due to be withdrawn by 1929. However, the class was noted for its long service on the Lyme Regis branch line, and three members of this long obsolete class were utilised on this duty until 1962, when suitable replacements became available. One has survived and can be found on the Bluebell Railway.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LSWR_415_class



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