5″ Sweet Pea ‘Lady Pamela’

This fine example of the Blackgate’s Sweet Pea model has seen little use in its working life, being stored as a museum piece before coming to the Little Western workshops for re-commissioning. The engine is all that you would expect of that design; 2 cylinder slide valve loco driven by Hackworth valve gear, with one of the finest looking steel marine boilers about. Mechanically the loco is sound and runs well in both forward and back gear. The paintwork is in good condition with the only real scuffs on the inside of the cab. At present the Lady is in plain red, if there aren’t any objections she may be treated to a little bit of lining out. The brasses could also do with a  really good polish! An excellent starting out engine or one for somebody considering a down-size to something more mechanically simple.


Axle Pump

Hand Pump

Hackworth Valve Gear

Steel Boiler (Marine type)




The Sweet Pea locomotive, designed by a Jack Buckler of Leeds, is an 0-4-0 Narrow Gauge outline saddle tank locomotive with Hackworth valve gear. The design uses a marine type boiler.


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