5″ Simplex ‘Bert’

The well made Simplex, fitted with a copper boiler, has undergone recent commissioning by a well known model engineering firm. The loco is very well presented with neat red pinstripe lining against good condition black paintwork. ‘Bert’ has 2 outside cylinders, with slide valves driven by Walschaert’s valve gear. Mechanically the engine turns over very well in both directions and it steams like all other simplex locos – very well indeed.




Simplex was devised by Martin Evans, a well known and widely respected model engineer, who over the years has contributed numerous articles to the Model Engineer magazine, predominantly on the construction of models of actual locomotives in all the popular scales (3½”, 5″ and 7¼”).

Martin perceived a need for a 5″ gauge engine that would be easy to build, and which incorporated the minimum of details required to produce a working model. Simplex was developed with this in mind, all dimensions being chosen to simplify assembly, and the boiler being made as simple as a practical coal fired boiler could be. Source [http://www.nlsme.co.uk/Simplex/]



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