5″ LSBCR A1 Terrier ‘Annesley’

A 5″ gauge Martin Evans designed Terrier. Paint work is a little tatty on account of it being in storage for the last year or so. It’s had a a polish but the loco would look a damn sight prettier with a repaint. (I don’t think Salmon really suits this model…) The boiler steam ticket has recently renewed by the owner. Mechanically the locomotive was in poor condition, with the crank axle now removed for a a rebuild. In the process a broken leaf spring on the back axle was also found. It’s in the workshop now having these jobs done, so when it’s ready this will be a smart little machine.

One redeeming quality is that it does steam well and the water feeds into the boiler all work fine. The valve gear is standard Stephenson’s gear so it shouldn’t be difficult for a practiced model engineer to sort this one out. A loco which, with some fair work, and maybe a repaint (if you’re feeling brave – if not, we’ll do it for you!) should be a smart little addition to any collection. You’ll need a driving truck too for this one as there’s no tender to sit on (we make those – just ask for details!).

Copper boiler fed by a single injector, fed from an external tank (required), an axle pump and a hand pump hidden in the left hand water tank.


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The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LB&SCR) A1 Class is an English class of 0-6-0T steam locomotive. Designed by William Stroudley, 50 members of the class were built in 1872 and between 1874 and 1880, all at Brighton Works. The class has received several nicknames, initially being known as “Rooters[1] by their south London crews. However, the engines were more famously known as “Terriers” on account of the distinctive ‘bark’ of the exhaust beat.

[Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LB%26SCR_A1_class]


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