British Railways Mk1

We have had multiple requests to develop the BR Mk1 range of coaches. These will no doubt prove popular as the Mk1s were the staple coach used during British Railways loco-hauled stock era. Easily these coaches offer the most diverse amount of liveries; Southern Region Green, Western Region Chocolate & Cream or 1970s Blue & Grey are just some examples. The engineering is practical and rugged throughout on these models and we have of course been particular with the amount of detail in our models. For example; BR Mk1s have a totally different type of subframe to the pre-nationalised rolling stock. It’s hard to imagine a locomotive behind which Mk1 coaches don’t look good, considering they are used almost daily on many successful preserved lines today in the height of the season.

BR Mk1 Coach Info Pack

GWR/BR Autocoach

Designed during the final years of the GWR, under F. W. Hawksworth, these Autocoaches were built during the infancy of the newly nationalised British Railways. The Little Western model comprises of a strong and detailed GRP body that is fitted with the same high amount of detail as our other rolling stock. In particular for this coach fully working, scale, lost wax cast buffers were developed and customers have the option of a working bell to play with – a must have for any Great Western tank engine!

GWR Collett Corridor Coaches

These superb coaches really look the part, regardless of what livery is chosen. The bow-end profiles and high quality finish set these coaches apart from any others in the hobby. Another nice feature of these coaches is the fact they have both compartment and corridor sides, so they look just right behind most locomotives – be it a powerful pacific or a small suburban tank engine. The original coaches were built in the late 1920s and lasted right up until the end of steam. On the model, attention to detail is high – door handles, grab handles, end footsteps, accurate bogie profiles, working gangways, bespoke transfers and accurate coach-lining easily make these the most desirable ride-on coaches on the market today. We almost forget to mention – they are also excellent value for money!

LMS Stove R Van

The “Stove R” is a nickname that stuck to the LMS BGZ after they were retro-fitted with stoves to keep the guards warm in their vans during winter. Designed by William Stanier in 1932, these models would make a fine addition to any rake of stock. Forget not that these 6 wheelers lasted right until the 1980s and would look great behind a BR blue diesel of that era. There are a few survivors – the Severn Valley Railway’s example is under restoration whilst the Bluebell Railway’s Stove R is finely finished in Pullman livery to operate in their Golden Arrow set.
Ideal for use as driving trucks or guards’ trucks, Little Western’s scale model can be easily be fitted with water tanks or compartments for flags and tea if desired. Vacuum brake gauges and valves can also be fitted for use by the guard. These would have been fitted to express passenger trains as well as goods trains.

Pullman Cars

The world famous Pullman Cars are now returning to production for the discerning miniature railway connoisseur. These hotels on wheels were the enterprise of the British Pullman Car Company during the heyday of steam. Little Western are offering these deluxe models for those who crave a little bit of luxury. What better way to travel in style! These highly detailed models are based on the steam era Pullmans of the 1920s which were fully panelled – adding a nice level of detail. These cars lasted up until the later 1960s until they were phased out by Steel bodied cars and the Mk2 Pullmans. Our GRP models could even be modified to produce the Brighton Belle Electric Pullman set. The attention to detail here, in particular the lining out and intricate artwork are really something special. Pullmans wore a traditional umber and cream livery or an eye-catching crimson lake (pictured) on certain railways such as the South East & Chatham Railway and Metropolitan Railway. Some were even converted to Buffet cars in BR days and could be BR Maroon or Blue and Grey on rare occasion.


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