7 1/4” Lyn 2-4-2T with Wagons

Lyn 2-4-2T project locomotive with two complete and finished L&BR wagons.

A very nicely made freelance “Lyn” utilising the Blackgates Bagnall boiler and Heywood valve gear.
The quality of workmanship is very smart throughout as can also be seen on the two finished wagons. The Steel Boiler has been stamped and a shell test dated 2001.

The locomotive will require work to finish but would be best described as 90% complete. For more information please get in touch.

Approx loco dimensions: Width 21” Height 31” Length 72”

The wagons are fully finished, both braked, one with a screw (intended to be the driving truck for the loco) and the other a lever handbrake.


The Lynton and Barnstaple 2xt narrow gauge railway in north Devon suffered a motive power shortage around about the time of the General Strike in the 1920s. Their solution was to turn to the Baldwin Locomotive Company who supplied them a 2-4-2 tank locomotive in kit form! The shed staff put the locomotive together which proved a real heavyweight alongside their existing Manning Wardle fleet of 2-6-2ts.  Unfortunately the original Lyn was scrapped however a replica has been completed by Keef’s Loco works for the preserved section of that line.


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