Talk to us about overhauling your steam locomotives. From the smallest fix or repaint to the largest rebuild, we are happy to discuss with you about any work you’d like to get done. Keeping our beloved locomotives in good working order isn’t always cheap – we’ve experience of that as well. That said, we can guarantee a fair price in exchange for a quality service. We don’t take on mountains of restoration work for that very reason – we’d sooner focus on one quality overhaul than getting ten locos out the door. We’re often working on our own locomotives as well you know! Completed rebuilds and overhauls are recorded in the small picture gallery below:

7.25inch LMS Coronation Pacific ‘Duchess of Sutherland’

Another loco currently going through our workshops is this mighty fine model of Stanier’s finest. The engine has had to have the valve gear rebuild due to damage from a hydraulic lock. The engine has been on static display for many years, so each part has had to be removed, cleaned, repaired if necessary and replaced before testing.

7.25inch American Ten Wheeler ‘Marion’:

This rare prototype of an olde western 4-6-0 (or ‘Tenwheeler’ in the states) is having a fully extensive rebuild in our Loco Works. The overhaul includes brand new frames as the old bar frames were starting to flex a little too much.


7.25inch 0-4-0T Romulus ‘Morgana’

The most recent overhaul by us was this Romulus type which had been in pieces in the back of a container for over two years. The bottom end had a light overhaul whilst the top half of the loco has had all-new copper plumbing and a complete repaint.

7.25inch GWR Mogul:

This engine had put in many club miles and was well worn out when she came in for overhaul. Finished in 2014, the owner though it appropriate to dedicate the model for the Centenary years of the First World War and is finished as ROD 5319.

LT.117 Railmotor 0-4-0T ‘Pat’

This Railmotor had been well used by the time she it to us. After a heavy general, and a new livery she was ready to put in as many miles again! Whilst the railmotor prototype never wore it, the LT livery is authentic featuring a Jade Blue interior for the cab. This colour was used because the London Transport department would not buy new paint and so the painters used what tins they found – the colour used on the interior of some of the 1960s tube stock.

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